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English training school at Dongguan city in Guangdong province

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Dongguan | Posted by:chinaexpat8809     Sep 20 14:59      share    Tel:15926406769     Working City:Dongguan   Hits:

job description

1.Type of work: full-time

2.Visa: foreign teachers need to apply for a visa by themselves

3.Nationality: 1 white foreign teacher,

4.Degree: bachelor,

5.Experience: teaching experience,

6.Student age: 3-12 years Old English,

7.No more than 25 classes, 1 class for an hour.

8.Two days off is not a weekend

9.atWanda plaza,Chang ’an town, Dngguan city,Guangdong province

Wages and benefits

1.Salary: 10-12k in non-native language, 12-15k in native language

2.Benefits: accommodation (single apartment, not 5 minutes away from school), no tax deductible,

get to work as soon as possible

Documents needed:

1.Bachelor degree or above certificates

2. Photocopy of passport and visa

3.resume and recent photos

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