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Teaching kids English position in a training centre in Donguan, Guangzhou

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Dongguan | Posted by:chinaexpat8801     Nov 05 17:00      share    Tel:13971047570     Working City:Dongguan   Hits:

Job Details

-Workload: at most 28 teaching hours per week, 45 minutes per lessson, below 40 working hours a week.

-Days Off : Two days off in a week(M-F)

Students: 2-8 years old students(12 students per class)

-Start date: December

-Vacancy: 1

-Location: Dongguan, Guangdong province


Qualification &Requirements

-Bachelor degree

-Having related teaching experience

-Native speaker first


Compensation & Benefits

-Salary:12-15K RMB/M after tax

-Provide meals and accommodation

-Airfare allowance 4K after contract


If you’re qualified, and interested in this job position, please contact me Icey.

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